vineri, 11 februarie 2011

Scooter Libby

For all of the Bill Clinton fans/Anti Bush people, who are upset or even disgusted with Bush's decision to (partially)pardon Libby, I have something for you.. Here is a link to every one of Clinton's (full) pardons while he was in office. If you are a rational free thinking human being there is no way you can "have no problems" with Clinton's (full) pardons and still have violent disgust for Bush's (partial) pardoning of Libby. If you find that after reading the list that you still don't agree with Bush's pardoning of Libby then you are a hypocrite and only riding party lines. That means you are not a free thinker and therefore irrational.. Which means you either lean too far to the right or to the left... In other words, you are likely the kind of person who agrees with everything your party says without any independent thought of your own.. This brings us back to the concept of illegeracy.. We will get to that later..