vineri, 11 februarie 2011

Reader Scott sent this........

Reader Scott sent this........

Scott had this to say.............discuss......

I believe Luttrell and those with similar views represent the flip side of the Taliban coin. They are America's Taliban: ultra conservative, xenophobic, national/tribalistic, quick to violence and threats of violence with a black and white, good verses evil simplistic world view.

I believe that societal change is an exponential process. For most of human history we have plotted quietly along the gentle grade of the curve. The new arrival of global instantaneous communication, combined with prior milestones such as the development of the nuclear bomb and a willingness to use it, the AK-47, oil and combustion based economies, the birth of the 6.6 billionth person (to name a few just off the top of my head) indicate we have arrived at the mountain, the walking is over and its time to get out the climbing gear. To deign it is to deign the shear granite face before you.

If Jesus lived to be 75 he would have seen the population change from (very roughly) 200 million to 300 million. If I live to be 75, I will have seen the population change from 4 billion to 9 billion.
That's a change of 5,000,000,000 verses 100,000,000, 50 to 1. In addition to the thousands of nuclear bombs and millions of AK-47's, my world has 30 times the number of people as Jesus's.

The old dogmas and narrow views which got us this far, are no longer sufficient. To react with anger and ignorance to change and problems before us is to try to climb a mountain with hate and intolerance.

Here, put on this harness and tie into this rope, I know a better way.
Interesting. Meanwhile, C. T. says, "Box 8 is all the way up there?.... Guy............We're running that shit, bro........."